Welcome to Mayville, Wisconsin! Whether you are a resident or a first-time visitor, we hope that your experience is rich and plentiful.

Mayville is rich in history being first settled in 1845, by the families of Chester May and Alvin Foster who opened a saw mill. Shortly after this, the discovery of iron ore in the area led to a rapid growth of the settlement. Full of industrious, hardworking, and friendly people, Mayville gained the reputation as Dodge County’s most progressive city. As the iron industry grew in Mayville, so did its downtown, hosting an array of businesses from cigar factories and breweries, to piano stores and creameries. Once the country moved from iron to steel, that same spirit helped Mayville transition into a manufacturing and farming community. Unlike many other iron cities across the country, Mayville and its downtown continued to prosper. Most of the original, historic buildings are still present today. Mayville is a city with a remarkable history that includes many innovations, including: the roots of John Deere, cheese packaged into wedges, the shotshell reloader, milk trucks, and the aircraft carrier net. That progressive tradition continues today with Mayville being the first city in Dodge County to allow sidewalk dining, hosting an array of unique shopping, and the area’s best restaurants. We hope you enjoy Mayville’s fascinating history, our energizing present, and return for the exciting future.